Learn More About Deposits

What are Deposits?

There are two types of deposits that may be applicable to a WhereiPark booking. Many locations require both deposits though some do not. Both deposit types are fully refundable.

  1. Access Device Deposit. This deposit is held by us in case you lose or misplace your access device. If you don’t lose or misplace the device and return it at the end of your parking term, you will receive a full refund for the deposit amount.
  2. Security Deposit. This deposit is typically applied to your last month’s rent. Once you give us your cancellation notice, instead of charging you for that last month, we will use this security deposit. In the event that your account is not up to date and you have a balance due, your security deposit is used to cover this balance.

I booked my space and I’ve been double charged. What’s going on?

It is likely that you haven’t been double charged. You’ve been charged for your security deposit AND your first month’s subscription charge. Since these are normally the same amount it can look like a double charge.

Example: If you booked a parking space that’s $200/month, you would’ve been charged a $200 security deposit (at the time your booking is approved) AND $200 for your first month of parking (the date when you parking terms begins).

I cancelled my spot mid billing cycle, why was I charged for the full month? Shouldn’t I only be charged for the days that I've used?

Yes you’re right! We only charge for the days you’ve parked. However, you may have been charged for the full month if you cancelled your space mid billing cycle (ie. your billing cycle is on the 1st of every month but you cancelled as of the 12th), however you will be refunded the prorated amount accordingly. You will see the refunded amount processed to your form of payment.

Why don’t I see the deposit refund in my bank account?

Don’t worry! Depending on your bank, it can take anywhere from 2 to 12 business days to see the refund.