Monthly Parking in Oakland

Finding an affordable and convenient Oakland monthly parking spot is easy with WhereiPark, a leading digital marketplace for city parking. No longer do you have to scower through Craigslist or investigate dozens of potential garages. Using our free, simple tool, you can find Oakland monthly parking options, search for the best rates, and book your monthly parking, all in one place. All you have to do is click on a location to view your options! So whether you’re worried about location, cost, security, amenities, or something else entirely, we have a space for you. Booking Oakland monthly parking with WhereiPark is intuitive and cost-effective.

Interactive Map of Monthly Parking Offers in Oakland

Use this parking map to discover Oakland monthly parking in your area. You can review detailed information about each parking option by clicking on a marker.

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Enter the exact address of the location in Oakland, near which you want to find monthly parking. Our platform will find parking spots that are in close proximity to your location of choice.

Monthly Parking Rates in Oakland

The monthly parking rates in Oakland range from $150 to $300. Compare best parking rates on our website and book parking at a price that works best for you.

Book Monthly Parking in Oakland

Review monthly parking offers in Oakland that are available at the moment and select the right spot that meets your requirements. If you can't find a good parking option now, check back later as new parking spots become available in Oakland every week.
Address Intersection Price Type
3709 Grand Ave $165.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
1919 Webster St $330.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
100 Grand Ave $225.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
4801 Shattuck $168.78 Monthly Parking Book Now
231 Jefferson St $150.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
100 Grand Ave $200.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
101 Embarcadero $160.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
5110 Telegraph Ave $250.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
729 Clay St $150.00 Monthly Parking Book Now

Spots near Oakland

Intersection Address Price
3709 Grand Ave $165.0
1919 Webster St $330.0
100 Grand Ave $225.0
4801 Shattuck $168.78
231 Jefferson St $150.0
100 Grand Ave $200.0
101 Embarcadero $160.0
5110 Telegraph Ave $250.0
729 Clay St $150.0

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Information About Parking in Oakland

Oakland reached it's highest population of 440,981 in 2021. The pressing need for street parking is balanced against business requirements, traffic flow and the desire to protect residential streets. So while there are plenty of free and paid street parking spots in Oakland, they can be hard to find and inconsistent in availability, with parking restrictions in force at certain times of day, certain days of the week, or along certain routes. The cost of parking in Oakland can also vary widely. Committing to a monthly parking space could save you money significantly!

Oakland Parking Statistics

  • Oakland has over 37,000 street lights, with repairs to about 2,000 per year.
  • Taxpayers in Oakland spend about $3 million on the street light utility bills each year.
  • There are 671 traffic signalized intersections in Oakland.
  • Parking tickets in Oakland can range from $40 to $265 based on the infraction

Oakland Parking FAQs

1. What are the advantages of monthly parking?

There are many advantages of monthly parking namely, predictability and reliability, affordability/cost-effectiveness, convenience, and the ability to choose and prioritize the factors that matter most to you.

2. How do I book a parking spot in Oakland via WhereiPark?

Booking a parking spot through WhereiPark is easy. First, you need to know the location you’re searching in. You can browse our map or search by a specific address or area. You’ll see markers pop up on the map near your chosen location; these represent the available parking spots. Click on a marker for more information about the listing. Once you have found the spot you want, you need to either log in or create a free account, making sure to enter your vehicle details correctly. Then click to book the spot, select your start date, and enter payment information to confirm the booking. Once your booking is complete, the lot owner will confirm space availability and approve or deny the booking, sending you an email with instructions on how to use your new space.

3. What do the different curb colors mean in Oakland?

Red Curb: No stopping, standing or parking at any time. Yellow Curb: Yellow curbs are for loading and unloading of passengers between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m, and you must move your car within three minutes. If your vehicle has commercial license plates, you have no more than 30 minutes to load or unload materials. On Sundays and holidays, yellow curb restrictions do not apply. White Curb: White curbs are also for loading and unloading of passengers. Most white curb restrictions apply from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. If the white curb is in front of a hotel or a hospital, white curb restrictions are in effect at all times, but if the curb is in front of a theater or hall, the restrictions do not apply when the business is closed. Green Curb: Green curbs mean no standing or parking for longer than 12 minutes at any time between 8 a.m and 6 p.m. Blue Curb: Blue curbs are reserved for people with disabilities whose vehicles display a valid license plate or disability placard.

4. How much are parking tickets in Oakland?

Parking tickets can range from $40 to $256 depending on the infraction. Parking in the Wrong Direction on a One-Way will cost you $41, parking in a red zone will cost you $83, while parking in a bus zone can cost you up to $256!