Monthly Parking in San Diego

In areas like downtown San Diego, Ocean Beach, or Pacific Beach, it can feel almost impossible to find a secure, affordable long-term parking space. However, WhereiPark is available to bring the utmost ease to commuters and residents looking for an affordable monthly parking space. With our free interactive tool, you can search, compare, and book a parking space that meets your needs. Whether you’re prioritizing location, cost, amenities or security we’ll have what you need so that you can book with confidence.

Find monthly parking spots in San Diego using this interactive map

Find monthly parking options available near you using our interactive map of San Diego. Click on a marker to view details and check parking spot availability.

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Search the exact address, close to which you want to find monthly parking. WhereiPark will display parking spots that are in close proximity to your location of choice. Use this search field to find monthly parking in San Diego or anywhere in the US.

Monthly Parking Rates in San Diego

The current rates for monthly parking can vary. Compare rates in the table below and book a parking spot that suits your budget.

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Review the available monthly parking options in San Diego in the table below. Find the perfect parking space that meets your requirements. If you can't find a suitable parking option at the moment, check back later as new parking spots are being added weekly!
Address Intersection Price Type
100 Park Plaza $175.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
1450 Market St $225.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
707 Tenth Ave $150.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
1069 1st Ave $226.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
501 W Broadway $237.30 Monthly Parking Book Now
225 Broadway $226.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
101 W Broadway $226.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
501 West C Street $248.60 Monthly Parking Book Now
501 West C Street $84.75 Monthly Parking Book Now
600 W Broadway $248.60 Monthly Parking Book Now
600 W Broadway $237.30 Monthly Parking Book Now
451 West B Street $305.10 Monthly Parking Book Now
635 Robinson Ave $50.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
635 Robinson Ave $100.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
undefined San Diego Street San Diego St San Diego $108.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
3111 Camino Del Rio N $62.15 Monthly Parking Book Now
3111 Camino Del Rio N $62.15 Monthly Parking Book Now

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Information About Parking in San Diego

San Diego’s ‘brand’ is built on a blend of its sun-soaked lifestyle and laid back people. However, with over 1.4 million residents and over 35 million visitors every year, San Diego’s parking situation isn’t always so laid back. It makes the already daunting task of finding a parking space even harder. Luckily, WhereiPark makes finding a space easy without having to circle lots, ask around, and browse a bunch of random online sites. WhereiPark aggregates all the affordable and secure parking spaces in the area and lays it out on a single interactive map where you can review all details of the lot and book a space.

San Diego Parking Statistics

  • There were 35.8 million visitors to San Diego in 2018
  • San Diego unbundles the cost of parking from the cost of housing, meaning that the cost of parking must be paid separately and optional from the purchase price or rent of a home.
  • A maximum parking ratio of 1.0 space per unit was adopted for multi-family residential in downtown San Diego
  • Parking tickets in San Diego can range from $40 to $140 based on the infraction and how quickly you pay it off
  • There were 1.8 vehicles per household in San Diego

San Diego Parking FAQs

1. Is there free parking in San Diego?

Parking meters are usually enforced from Monday to Friday between 6am-8pm and are free outside of the hours between 6am-8pm.

2. How much is parking in San Diego?

The price of parking varies on the length, location, and amenities of the parking space. Monthly parking can range anywhere from $40 to $400 depending on whether it's reserved or unreserved, covered or uncovered, 24/7 or not, etc. Day parking can range from $15-$35.

3. What are the advantages of monthly parking?

The advantages of paying for monthly parking are many: foremost, you can avoid the time-consuming and frustrating task of the daily search for parking. You can also likely secure a better rate by committing to a month of parking as opposed to a day or a few hours of parking. And, you can say goodbye to parking tickets as you won't have to constantly feed the meter.

4. How do I book a parking spot in San Diego via WhereiPark?

Booking a parking spot in San Diego could not be easier. Simply enter your desired location into the search bar and a map of all the monthly parking options nearby will pop up. Click on each marker on the map to see the available spots and their listing details. Once you've found a spot you wish to book, click book and you will be prompted to either sign into your account, or create one. Once you've entered contact info, vehicle info, and payment info, the lot’s owner will confirm the booking and send you instructions on how to access your new parking spot.