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Portland has a wide variety of parking options available. The city is full of metered parking areas. Rates start as low as $1 per hour in Lloyd District and go up to $2 per hour downtown. During sporting events, the rate is $3.50 per hour next to Providence Park. These are very low metered parking rates for a US city. There are also plenty of monthly parking options in Portland. The city also offers parking plans for regular parking. You can use paid monthly parking if you work in Portland. You can find these parking options spread throughout the city. For the best value, use the WhereiPark map and search engine to find the best monthly parking rates.

Interactive Map of Monthly Parking Offers in Portland

Discover monthly parking options available in your area using this map of Portland. Click on a marker to view details and check availability.

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Monthly Parking Costs in Portland

The monthly rates for parking in this location are between $175 and $200. Use this information and select a parking spot at a price that works best for you.

Monthly Parking Offers In or Near Portland

Compare these monthly parking offers in Portland that are available at the moment. Check the details and pick a spot that meets your criteria. If you can't find a suitable parking option here, check back later as new parking offers become available in Portland.
Address Intersection Price Type
3419 SE 56th Ave $240.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
2843 SE Division St $117.60 Monthly Parking Book Now
685 SE Belmont St $220.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
523 SW 13th Avenue SW Alder St / SW 14th Ave $160.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
1221 NW Marshall Street $260.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
2270 NW Savier Street $250.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
714 Northeast Hancock Street $180.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
355 Grand Boulevard $120.00 Monthly Parking Book Now

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What you need to know about Monthly Parking in Portland, OR

If you’re going to park in Portland regularly, you’ll want access to consistent legal parking. Metered parking is cheaper than elsewhere, but going overtime on a parking meter is the most common parking violation in the city according to the municipal government. So, monthly parking is the only sensible option for long-term parking needs. It’s also even more affordable than Portland’s metered parking. The average monthly parking cost in Portland is $215. For monthly reserved parking, the average is a reasonable $230. If you need to park downtown, you can expect to pay more for monthly parking. To find the best parking rates for your desired area, you can use WhereiPark. You can simply browse the WhereiPark map and see the hundreds of options available to you.

Portland Parking Statistics

  • The average daily parking cost in Portland is $15
  • There are approximately 8,500 parking meters in Portland
  • There were 11,419,406 parking meter transactions in 2014 and 2015.
  • On a typical workday, a peak of 85% of parking spaces are occupied
  • Turnover of on-street parking spaces is relatively low, with average length of stays ranging from 2.5 hours to 3.5 hours
  • Building permit data for mixed use buildings show that developers built one stall for every two new residential units

Portland Parking FAQs

1. How much should I expect to pay in Portland for monthly parking?

You should expect to pay about $200-$250 for monthly parking in Portland. Rates will vary by lot and based on the area of the city you need to buy parking space in. Use the WhereiPark map to get exact rates for each neighborhood and lot.

2. Is there free parking anywhere in Portland?

There is a lot of free parking available after 7 pm and before 8 am in Portland. During the day, metered parking regulations are enforced. There are still a few opportunities to park for free in Portland. This includes spaces downtown. For example, there is some free parking available at Smart Park, about 0.4 miles from the city’s core. But during the working day, it’s far more reliable to use monthly parking spaces.

3. What is a standard length of a parking contract in Portland?

Parking contract lengths vary widely in Portland. Make sure you check the specific terms offered at each lot.

4. How can I book parking through WhereiPark?

Booking monthly parking through WhereiPark is easy. All you need to do is: Sign up for a WhereiPark account. Start searching for the best parking space for you. Click “purchase for…” and fill out the necessary information Wait for an email response If there is a space available, you will be sent instructions and charged for the space. If there is no space available, you’ll be notified by email and you won’t be charged.