Monthly Parking in Chicago, IL

The windy city has plenty of activities and work opportunities. But the city is notoriously pricey and difficult when it comes to parking. Fortunately, WhereiPark can help you find the most convenient and affordable monthly parking locations. If you want to save the most time and money, monthly parking is the most affordable and convenient choice. In Chicago, parking is at a premium, so it’s best to search for the cheapest monthly parking in advance. Have a look at our map and find the best location and rate for your monthly parking needs.

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Use this interactive map to find near you. You can check information about each offer by clicking on a parking spot.

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Enter the exact address of the location, close to which you would like to find monthly parking. Our system will find parking spots that are available near your location of choice. This search field will help you find monthly parking in Chicago or anywhere in North America.

Monthly Parking Rates in Chicago

The monthly rates for parking in Chicago range from $125 to $325. Use this information and select a parking space at a price that works best for you.

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Use this list of monthly parking offers in Chicago that are available at the moment. Review this information and pick parking that meets your requirements. If you can't see a suitable option here, check back later as more parking offers are added in Chicago.
Address Intersection Price Type
5910 South Archer Avenue $59.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
310 South Desplaines Street $250.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
24 South Morgan Street $275.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
300 N Leavitt St $236.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
2101 West Rice Street $171.10 Monthly Parking Book Now
North Western Avenue $115.64 Monthly Parking Book Now
North Spaulding Avenue $93.22 Monthly Parking Book Now
2700 N Narragansett Ave $236.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
2851 North Damen Avenue $236.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
2916 W Belmont Ave $100.30 Monthly Parking Book Now
881 North Swift Road $118.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
4100 West Byron Street $118.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
5422 W Windsor Ave $88.50 Monthly Parking Book Now

What you need to know about Monthly Parking in Chicago

Metered parking spaces can cover many of your parking needs in Chicago. But if you work in a busy area or go to a busy leisure area during the weekend, it will be more challenging to find parking. Even if you use ParkChicago©, hourly rates will be the same. This makes them an impractical long-term option. You can find monthly parking options spread across all of Chicago’s neighborhoods. While the city is expensive overall, you can find cheaper options by planning in advance. There are also other monthly parking spaces available across Chicago. Rates typically start at $125 but can even surpass $400 in some areas. WhereiPark can help you find the best rates available in the neighborhood you need parking in. Find and access the best monthly parking in residential buildings

Chicago Parking Statistics

  • Chicago makes over $200 million per year on parking tickets.
  • Some Chicago residents have faced bankruptcy over parking charges. So, make sure you plan your Chicago parking needs in advance!
  • Chicago street parking is more expensive than street parking in any other US city.
  • It’s typical to face $13 charges for two hours of parking in the most in-demand areas for parking.
  • Americans spend an average of 17 hours looking for parking each year. In Chicago, they spend an average of 56 hours.

Chicago Parking FAQs

1. How much should I expect to pay in Chicago for monthly Parking?

You should expect to pay at least $65 per month for monthly parking in Chicago. But that kind of low rate is in high demand and is hard to come by. In the Downtown Loop, you can expect to pay $150 to $400 per month for monthly parking. State, city, and county taxes are included in these figures.

2. Is there free parking anywhere in Chicago?

While it’s hard to come by, there is free parking available in Chicago. The Fulton River District (about a 20-minute walk from downtown) has several dozen free parking spots available. For the most part, it’s hard to rely on the concept of free parking anywhere near downtown Chicago. If your home or workplace comes with free parking space, you should take advantage of that. Otherwise, a monthly parking plan is strongly recommended.

3. What is the standard length of a parking contract in Chicago?

You can find simple monthly payment plans for parking space contracts in Chicago.

4. How can I book parking through WhereiPark?

You can just browse our parking map until you find the spot and rate you like. You will need to have an account to apply for a parking spot. If you have an account set up, all you need to do is click the blue “purchase for…” button by the parking space you want. Then, you’ll be prompted to fill in your payment information. The owner will have to confirm that they have a space available for the transaction to move forward. If they have space for you, you will be charged for the monthly parking and receive an email notification with instructions on how to find and park in your new space. If your request is denied, you will receive an email notification and your credit card won’t be charged.