Monthly Parking in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the second biggest city in the U.S., and infamous for its endless highways, numerous cars, and congestion. Residents and commuters alike struggle to find convenient Los Angeles monthly parking; luckily, booking parking with WhereiPark is a breeze. Our free, interactive tool makes finding the best Los Angeles monthly parking options simple. You can search your preferred location, prioritize the factors that matter most to you, view parking spot availability, and get the best rates. Our comprehensive digital marketplace for city parking lets you book monthly parking in Los Angeles in minutes, taking the hassle out of that LA commute.

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Find monthly parking available close to you in Los Angeles using our interactive map. Click on a map marker to view details and check availability of a specific parking spot.

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Use our search tool to find the best monthly parking options near your Los Angeles location. Input the exact address and browse parking spots that are closest to your area. Find monthly parking in Los Angeles or anywhere in the US in just a few clicks.

Monthly Parking Rates in Los Angeles

Currently the parking rates in Los Angeles range between $60 and $300 per month. Review available parking options below and book a spot that works best for your budget.

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Review monthly parking offers in Los Angeles that are currently available for rent. Check details for each offer and book the perfect parking space that meets your criteria. Can't find the right option now? Check back soon as new parking spots are added in Los Angeles every week.
Address Intersection Price Type
321 N Orange St $150.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
1714 N McCadden Pl $175.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
770 S Grand Ave $200.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
1131 East 11th St $100.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
3584 S. Figueroa St $100.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
5520 Wilshire Blvd $175.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
1201 S. Hope St $250.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
695 S Santa Fe Ave $150.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
4210 W Sarah St $175.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
1274 N Crescent Heights Blvd $150.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
2867 Sunset Place $150.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
950 S. Flower St. S Flower St. and W Olympic Blvd. $175.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
501 W. Olympic Blvd $200.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
1714 N McCadden Pl $195.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
5550 Wilshire Blvd $175.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
8500 Sunset Blvd $250.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
1540 N. Vine St $170.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
639 N Broaway $150.00 Monthly Parking Book Now

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Information About Parking in Los Angeles

Los Angeles has nearly four million residents and 70% of them commute to work by car. Add to this the 50 million visitors the city receives each year, a poorly connected transit system, and it’s easy to see why LA has a reputation for congestion. So while street parking does exist within the city, finding a space can be tough, and most people opt for underground car parks. You need a permit in all residential areas, and have to be very wary of parking restrictions - especially street cleaning hours. The cost of parking in Los Angeles is between $0.50 and $6 an hour for metered spaces, depending on time of day. Paying for a monthly parking spot is often more cost-effective than expensive daily rates or risking a ticket, and there are parking spaces for rent all across Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Parking Statistics

  • Los Angeles has 40,000 public parking spaces, or just 1 per 100 residents.
  • There are over 6.5 million registered vehicles in the city.
  • A recent study found that LA drivers spend an average of 85 hours per year searching for parking - the second worst city in the U.S. after New York.
  • The number of paid lots is huge though, and parking covers 14% of incorporated land in Los Angeles County.
  • The average cost of a monthly parking space in the city is $200.
  • The cost of Los Angeles parking tickets averages to over $5000 per resident.

Los Angeles Parking FAQs

1. What are the advantages of monthly parking?

The advantages of monthly parking almost speak for themselves: saved time and frustration in searching for a spot, convenience, and cost-effectiveness. Los Angeles is one of the most expensive cities in the U.S. to get a ticket in, and booking a reliable monthly spot ensures you avoid unexpected fines. Arranging a monthly spot also means you can prioritize the factors that most concern you, like security.

2. How do I book a parking spot in Los Angeles via WhereiPark?

Booking a parking spot with WhereiPark is very simple. Take a look at our interactive map of the city, and search for available spaces either by area or address. You’ll see markers show up on the map, denoting available monthly spots, and you can view each listing in detail by clicking on it. Browse your options until you find one that suits your needs, then click on the booking link. You’ll need to log in (or create your account), making sure your vehicle details are correct. Then simply enter payment information, select a start date, and book! Once your booking is confirmed by the lot owner, you’ll receive full instructions on how to access the space.

3. How much is monthly parking in Los Angeles?

Monthly parking in Los Angeles varies in price, from $65 a month further out, to $300 in the financial district. Lots with more amenities cost more, as do lots which provide parking during events.

4. Is there free parking in Los Angeles?

Some tourist spots offer an hour or two of free parking for visitors - these include Beverly Hills Parking Facility, Santa Monica Parking Structure, and Washington Boulevard in Culver City. There’s also free parking on Sundays in West Hollywood. Most major attractions and stadiums are not free. Metered spaces are free on major holidays and overnight (with varying enforcement times, starting from 6pm to as late as 2 am, until 8 am).