New York, NY Monthly Parking

Parking in New York City is in both high supply and high demand. Every block in midtown or downtown Manhattan will have at least one residential parking garage selling spaces. But, unsurprisingly, parking space isn’t cheap in the big apple. Most of the parking spots that cost money in New York City are metered by the hour. There is a lot of free parking available as well. But as you’d guess, finding an open space can feel like mission impossible during the day. So, New York’s monthly parking is another option. Ultimately, there are plenty of monthly parking options to choose from. But finding a balance between cost and convenience is a bit of a challenge. So, use the WhereiPark map to find the best rates in the NYC area of your choice.

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The monthly parking rates in New York range from $60 to $350. Compare best parking rates on our website and book parking at a price that works best for you.

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What you need to know about Monthly Parking in New York City

There are thousands of monthly parking spaces available in New York City. Among all your options, they offer you the best potential rates. But the key is to do your comparison research in advance. That’s where WhereiPark can help you. According to the NYC Parking Authority, the average cost of monthly parking in the city is $430. Of course, New York City is huge. In some areas, you can find much cheaper rates. But in a few areas, the costs are much higher. But in any case, reserving parking garage space in advance will net you the best deals you’ll find. You can use WhereiPark to locate and compare the best monthly parking spaces for your needs. All you need to do is use our map and find the location and price that you like the most.

New York Parking Statistics

  • New York City has millions of free parking spaces
  • But they also have 81,875 metered spaces
  • The Upper East Side alone made $19,812,010 in parking tickets in 2016
  • Staten Island and Eastern Queens have the least ticketed parking in the city.

New York Parking FAQs

1. Is there free parking anywhere in New York City?

Yes, free parking in New York City is quite common. The only issue is that might not always be the case. Free parking is a controversial topic in the infamously crowded city. While finding a free parking space is easy, finding a free parking space without a car already in it is quite a challenge. If you want reliable access to parking during the working day, it makes more sense to buy monthly parking.

2. What is the standard length of a parking contract in New York City?

You can get parking contracts of varying lengths in New York City. You can check the information on many different car lots and compare them.

3. How can I book parking through WhereiPark?

Booking parking space through WhereiPark is easy. You just need to set up an account and start browsing. You can use our map and search function to find the ideal parking space for you. Once you find your ideal space, you just need to click through and fill in your payment information. Then, when the owner confirms there’s still space, you’ll be sent a confirmation email with instructions. You’ll also be charged for your new space.

4. How much does it cost to park a car in New York City?

The Parking Authority reports that the average cost of New York monthly parking is $430. Costs are higher in the West Village and Upper West Side. In most other neighborhoods, parking is cheaper.