Houston, TX Monthly Parking

Houston is one of America’s biggest cities. It’s also quickly growing and has one of the biggest driving populations in the US. There are many available metered and monthly parking spaces in Houston. Fortunately, Houston’s monthly parking rates are low compared to the other megacities in the US. In 2010, the Colliers parking report revealed parking rates in Houston were below the national average. The average rate for metered parking in Houston is $6 per hour. This rate is low compared to other big US cities. But if you need regular parking space for work, monthly parking makes far more sense. You can use WhereiPark to find the most affordable monthly parking rates. Just use the map to browse the neighborhood you want to park in.

Interactive Map of Monthly Parking Offers in Houston

Use this parking map to discover Houston monthly parking in your area. You can review detailed information about each parking option by clicking on a marker.

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Monthly Parking Rates in Houston

The monthly parking rates in Houston range from $75 to $155. Compare best parking rates on our website and book parking at a price that works best for you.

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Review monthly parking offers in Houston that are available at the moment and select the right spot that meets your requirements. If you can't find a good parking option now, check back later as new parking spots become available in Houston every week.
Address Intersection Price Type
1755 Wyndale St Wyndale St and S Braeswood $125.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
3833 Cummins St $75.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
2700 Travis St $100.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
2700 Travis St $129.60 Monthly Parking Book Now
2303 Louisiana St $90.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
1221 Welch Street $162.50 Monthly Parking Book Now
1309 Leeland St $125.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
909 Texas Ave $155.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
8350 Tilgham Street $281.25 Monthly Parking Book Now
2770 Summer Street $187.50 Monthly Parking Book Now
5222 East Freeway Frontage Road $150.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
Hardy St $50.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
1440 North Loop $150.00 Monthly Parking Book Now

Spots near Houston

Intersection Address Price
Wyndale St and S Braeswood 1755 Wyndale St $125.0
3833 Cummins St $75.0
2700 Travis St $100.0
2700 Travis St $129.6
2303 Louisiana St $90.0
1221 Welch Street $162.5
1309 Leeland St $125.0
909 Texas Ave $155.0
8350 Tilgham Street $281.25
2770 Summer Street $187.5
5222 East Freeway Frontage Road $150.0
Hardy St $50.0
1440 North Loop $150.0

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What you need to know about Monthly Parking in Houston

The average cost of monthly parking in Houston is $195. This is a high rate compared to many other US cities. But for a city the size of Houston, this isn’t such a bad rate. Perhaps more importantly, it’s cheaper than paying for hourly or daily parking space. Reserved monthly parking, however, comes with an average cost of $265. As you may expect, monthly parking costs are higher in downtown Houston. You can expect to pay closer to the average rate near the Greenway Plaza and other areas not in the downtown core. While parking space in Houston is relatively inexpensive, parking tickets aren’t. Monthly parking spaces can save you from having to contribute to the $139 million the city of Houston brings in from parking tickets each year (2015 figure). For the best savings, use the WhereiPark map to check out all the monthly parking spaces available where you need to park.

Houston Parking Statistics

  • Houston made $139 million from parking tickets in 2015
  • Houston is leading the way in many alternative methods of transportation. Driverless vehicles are being tested right now in Harris County.
  • Greater Houston is forecasted to have 10 million people by 2040.

Houston Parking FAQs

1. How much should I expect to pay in Houston for monthly Parking?

You can expect to pay between $195 and $265 per month for parking. If you are looking for monthly parking in the downtown area or high-traffic areas, you may have to pay more. Rates vary greatly by neighborhood in Houston. Use WhereiPark to find the best rates in your desired area.

2. Is there free parking anywhere in Houston?

During working hours, metered parking is available for 3 hours. Free parking is hard to find in much of Houston. There are certain times where it’s easier to park for free. You can park for free downtown from 6 pm to 7 am Monday through Saturday. Parking is free all day on Sunday. However, you should pay attention to street signs to avoid the metered areas that transform into tow-away zones from 7 am-9 am and 4 pm-6 pm.

3. What is the standard length of a parking contract in Houston?

Parking contract lengths vary in Houston. Make sure you read the terms of any contract before purchasing monthly parking.

4. How can I book parking through WhereiPark?

You can quickly book parking through WhereiPark with a few simple steps. 1. Make an account 2. Search for the spaces with the best locations and prices for you 3. Click “purchase for…” 4. Fill in your payment information 5. Wait for approval. Once you're approved, you’ll receive an email that outlines where to pick up your access device to start parking!