Monthly Parking in Boston

Parking in Boston is only growing more troublesome as more and more surface lots are being redeveloped. And finding Boston monthly parking can be a real headache; but it needn’t be when booking parking with WhereiPark. WhereiPark is a powerful tool that can help you find the best Boston monthly parking options for you. Whether you are concerned about cost, location, convenience, security or amenities, our easy-to-use tool will help you find a parking spot that suits you. You can search for the best rates and book monthly parking spots in Boston using our free tool, all from the comfort of your home.

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Monthly Parking Rates in Boston

Currently, the monthly parking rates in Boston range between $175 and $400. View our parking comparison chart below to compare rates and pick a parking spot at a price that works best for you.

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Check out the list of monthly parking options in Boston that are available at the moment. Check the details and select parking that works best for you. If you can't find a good parking option now, check back soon as new parking spots become available in Boston weekly.
Address Intersection Price Type
29 Denby Rd $240.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
22 Water St $400.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
Highland Avenue $264.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
240 Sidney Street Brookline and Putnam $175.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
240 Sidney Street Brookline and Putnam $250.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
30 Cambridge Park Drive $240.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
65 Brainerd Road $350.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
Broadway $120.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
Silver Street $150.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
45 Stuart Street $400.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
9 Miner St. $300.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
270 Third St $365.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
12 Stoneholm St $250.00 Monthly Parking Book Now

Spots near Boston

Intersection Address Price
29 Denby Rd $240.0
22 Water St $400.0
Highland Avenue $264.0
Brookline and Putnam 240 Sidney Street $175.0
Brookline and Putnam 240 Sidney Street $250.0
30 Cambridge Park Drive $240.0
65 Brainerd Road $350.0
Broadway $120.0
Silver Street $150.0
45 Stuart Street $400.0
9 Miner St. $300.0
270 Third St $365.0
12 Stoneholm St $250.0

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Information About Parking in Boston

Boston is a city with plenty of transit options and lots of downtown pedestrianization. However, with 600,000 residents and another 1,500,000 people entering the city each day to work or visit, the city is struggling to provide enough parking. This issue is compounded in historic districts that boast narrow streets and plentiful parking restrictions, and during the winter months, when many areas prohibit street parking to allow for plowing. For those who drive, there are a variety of possible parking spots in Boston, from street parking to private garages and underground car parks. The cost of parking in Boston can range from $1.25 an hour to $3.75 an hour in metered spaces, but there is usually a two hour time limit on these spots. And they are few and far between. A more viable option may be using one of the many monthly parking spaces that are for rent all across Boston.

Boston Parking Statistics

  • There are 35,556 public parking spaces in downtown commercial facilities.
  • There are roughly 8,000 metered parking spaces.
  • The number of residential parking permits has grown year-on-year, to over 100,000 today.
  • Boston was ranked as the worst city in the country in a recent study analyzing city congestion, and eighth worst worldwide.
  • As an example of the high demand for prime location parking spots: one private space in Beacon Hill was recently listed for $650,000.

Boston Parking FAQs

1. What are the advantages of monthly parking?

There are a lot of advantages to monthly parking, especially in a city as congested as Boston. It is likely to be significantly easier and cheaper to pay for a monthly parking spot than to trawl through the city searching for an available space, and paying daily rates. Booking a monthly spot allows you to secure the best possible rate and ensure a reliable place to park.

2. How do I book a parking spot in Boston via WhereiPark?

Booking a parking spot with WhereiPark starts by using our interactive map to search an area for parking options nearby. Markers will appear to designate available spots, and by clicking on the marker you can see the listing details. Once you’ve found a spot you like the look of, you can follow the booking link. You will need to log in (or create your free account) and ensure your vehicle details are listed accurately. Then, choose a start date for your parking spot rental, and enter your payment details. As soon as the booking is confirmed by the lot owner, you will receive detailed instructions on how to access your new parking space.

3. How much is monthly parking in Boston?

Monthly parking in Boston varies in price according to location. Other factors - like amenities and covered/uncovered lot - can also affect price, as can time of year. The average is $300 a month, but can be as low as $100 further from downtown, and as high as $450 in the financial district and high-end residential areas.

4. Is there free parking in Boston?

There is free parking in Boston, but it’s like gold dust! Street parking is free on Sundays and holidays, and overnight from 8pm to 8am. Boston is quite strict on residential parking though, with most areas requiring permits before you can park. Other streets can be closed on certain days of the week for street cleaning. And during the winter months, many streets are closed entirely to allow for safe plowing.