Group Monthly Parking for Car Sharing Services

Car sharing is most effective when there are convenient locations to pick up and drop off a vehicle. Excite your customers by offering them parking locations in the heart of major U.S. and Canadian cities.
Vehicle ownership is a necessity for some, but people who live in urban city centers can typically get anywhere by walking or biking so owning a car just doesn’t make sense. However, there are still some instances where city dwellers need a car. Maybe they need to make a large grocery run or want to go on a day-trip – either way carsharing companies come to the rescue! Carsharing companies not only help city dwellers, but can also help reduce pollution and decrease traffic congestion. However, one major setback carsharing companies can face is parking. The biggest question for carsharing companies can be… “where should we store and place the cars so that it’s easily accessible, cost-effective, and secure?” Enter WhereiPark. WhereiPark can work directly with carsharing companies to develop a custom solution to your unique problems. Whether it be sourcing affordable monthly parking spaces for storage or locating easily accessible monthly parking locations, we have you covered. If you’re a carsharing company or a fleet manager at a carsharing company looking to make things easier, lets chat!


  • Save Money
  • Find Exclusively Available Locations
  • Manage Parkers in One Place
  • Ability to Swap Employees
  • Simplify Payments
  • Make it easy for your employees to get to work
  • Teams that park together work better together

Group parking is available in over 15 U.S. and Canadian Cities

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We provide groups and companies with monthly parking.

10 Things to Consider for Group Parking

It doesn't matter if you're running a small start-up or a major corporation - your employees will need convenient and cheap monthly parking. Below are 10 key points (in no particular order) that must stay top-of-mind when you're searching for group parking.

1. Location

There’s a listing to think about when it comes to finding monthly group parking and location is definitely an important start. Finding a garage that’s a few blocks away isn’t always bad thing though. It could mean beginning your day with a healthy walk and grabbing your morning cup of coffee at a local café on the way. Tip: try the address search function on WhereiPark to narrow down your choices.

2. Hours

If you need flexibility when it comes to parking hours, you’ll want to try a garage that offers reserved spots for people who need to work late, come in early or work some weekends. If your group only needs parking during business hours you might save by selection an option for monthly parking available only during work day hours. Sometimes, parking listings offer both options so you can select both non-reserved parking for employees that are just in during business hours and reserved parking for those who require more hours. You can keep your team more focused on their work and less on the clock if you give them an option that suits your work-week needs.

3. Number of Spots

The number of spaces your company needs might change from month to month. Do a quick headcount to determine how many spots you’ll want and don’t forget to keep the growth and turnover rates of your business in mind.

4. Price

This point could very well be the most important one. Whether parking is provided out of the company’s pocket or you’re just doing the organizing on behalf of the staff, you’ll want monthly rates that fit everyone’s budget. Tip: Find cheap monthly parking options in your city with WhereiPark.

5. Carpooling

You can keep monthly parking fees down by encouraging carpooling. Not only will carpooling reduce travel costs but it’s also better for the environment. Commuting to work is a listing more fun when your car is full of your favourite co-workers!

6. Setting Your Company Apart

Attract new talent from far and wide by offering cheap (or free) parking rates. Make sure your office is accessible to everyone by advertising that your business offers parking to all its staff members right on your website. New applicants will be excited by this added bonus.

7. Parking Listing Styles

There are also different styles of parking listings to consider. There are street-level, outdoor parking listings that usually have multiple spaces and are conveniently located in the downtown core. The other option is covered or underground garages that have up-to-date security features.

8. Security

When choosing a parking listing for your team’s cars, you’ll want to consider which security features are available. Some street-level listings have an attendant, whereas underground garages usually have cameras, other technology and on site staff. Make sure your employees feel confident with where they’re leaving their cars.

9. Save Time

The drive to work may not be an easy one. Your employees are up against weather, construction and fellow drivers. Start their day off right with parking spots waiting for them. They won’t have to waste time circling the block anymore!

10. Easy to Book and Manage

Managing a team can also mean managing the parking. WhereiPark has an online portal that supervisors can use to add all of their employees and monitor the status of each one (ended, starting soon, etc.). There's also a customer support team that can be reached by phone and e-mail if there are any questions or concerns. For trustworthy parking for your entire crew, use WhereiPark to lock down corporate parking spaces that are secure and inexpensive.

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