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Takoma Park is a neighborhood in northern Washington, D.C. It is located in Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4B, in the District's Fourth Ward, within the northwest quadrant. It borders the city of Takoma Park, Maryland. In recent years, mainly since the metro opened, it has become differentiated from its Maryland neighbor as "Takoma"; however, historically it was called Takoma Park, D.C. Takoma is frequently referred to by many people as being the portion of "Takoma Park" that happens to be located in the District of Columbia. This is mainly because Takoma and Takoma Park together made up the original Takoma Park area. They are only separated from each other by the Maryland/D.C. line. The library still bears the name "Takoma Park Library" and the historic district is referred to as "Takoma Park historic District". Until recently, the recreation center was known as Takoma Park Recreation Center and Takoma Park pool. As time goes on, people seem to forget and try to assert that the D.C. side is Takoma, however this a fairly recent phenomenon. Some apartment buildings and businesses in Takoma, D.C., still say "Takoma Park". There is even a welcome sign next to the Takoma Metro Station that says, "Welcome to Takoma Park, D.C." There is also an apartment complex in Takoma D.C. called "The Gables at Takoma Park". Takoma is a diverse neighborhood, populated mostly by middle-class families. Its small downtown has recently been re-developed, bringing in new residents and attractive new businesses. Many of the houses in Takoma are historic, and some are over 100 years old. Takoma and the rest of Ward 4 are represented in the Council of the District of Columbia by Brandon Todd. - source: Wikipedia

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