Atlanta, GA Monthly Parking

Regardless of how you feel about Atlanta, the city has a great parking situation for a major US city. The city is especially cheap to park in, relative to other major cities.

Atlanta has a surplus of available parking spaces. So, even if you have to park in the busier downtown area, you can access cheap monthly parking plans or just use metered parking. As we’ll soon discuss, there are also some free options available.

Atlanta also has a public parking program meant to make it even easier for residents and commuters to find parking. But for the most convenience, you can just book a monthly parking space. Use the WhereIPark map to browse your desired location for the best monthly parking rates.

Spots near Atlanta

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Spots near Atlanta

Address Intersection Price Type
2622 Sylvan Road $120.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
7 Lethea Street Southeast $211.20 Monthly Parking Book Now
1629 Lakewood Avenue Southeast $143.94 Monthly Parking Book Now
880 Woodrow St SW $240.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
880 Woodrow St SW $180.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
180 Jackson St North East $70.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
641 North Ave NE $85.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
621 North Ave NE $225.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
265 Ponce De Leon Ave $100.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
1055 Brady Ave NW Brady Ave NW and 11th St NW $75.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
1170 Howell Mill Road $240.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
53 14th St NE $120.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
390 17th Street Northwest $150.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
3035 Peachtree Road NE $110.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
3450 Roxboro Rd NE $75.00 Monthly Parking Book Now

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What you need to know about Monthly Parking in Atlanta

Monthly parking is in high supply in Atlanta. With an average monthly parking bill of $106, Atlanta is one of the best big cities in the US for commuting by car.

Monthly parking is still recommended in Atlanta. Other options simply can’t match the long-term savings you get if you book the right monthly parking. To make the right choice, you can use the WhereIPark map to find the best rates in the area you want to park in.

For Atlanta’s Midtown, monthly parking hovers around $100 per month. But you might have to pay up to $150 per month for more in-demand locations. Rates will typically be much closer to $100 per month. You can expect similar rates for Downtown Atlanta.

Monthly parking rates in other parts of Atlanta should prove cheaper on average. Regardless, you can expect a low monthly parking bill in Atlanta, relative to big US cities.

Atlanta Parking Statistics

  • The average monthly cost of parking in Atlanta is $106.
  • Atlanta is a spacious major US city. There are approximately 9 parking spots available for every car in the city.
  • Atlanta permits free on-street parking in some residential neighborhoods.
  • Atlanta is only beaten by Kansas City, Louisville, and St. Louis for monthly parking rates in big cities.

Atlanta Parking FAQs

1. How much should I expect to pay in Atlanta for monthly Parking?

You should only have to pay around $100 for monthly parking in Atlanta. The average monthly rate is $106. In some cases, you will be faced with higher rates that shouldn’t exceed $150. This is especially true of the busier downtown areas.

2. Is there free parking anywhere in Atlanta?

es, there is free parking spread around the city. While it’s harder to find free parking downtown, there are still plenty of free spaces. For example, there is some free parking available near PeachTree center station, just 0.2 miles from the center of Atlanta.

3. What is the standard length of a parking contract in Atlanta?

You won’t face demanding monthly parking contracts in Atlanta. Open-ended monthly payment plans are available.

4. How can I book parking through WhereIPark?

Booking parking space through WhereIPark is easy. Just follow a few simple steps: 1. Open a WhereIPark account and sign in 2. Browse our map for the ideal parking space for you 3. Click “Purchase for…” 4. Fill in your payment information 5. Wait for the confirmation of the owner If there is space available in the lot, you will be charged for the space and receive a notification email with instructions. If there is no space in the lot, you’ll be informed by email and your card won’t be charged.