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The Chinatown-International District of Seattle, Washington (also known as the CID) is the center of Seattle's Asian American community. Within the Chinatown International District are the three neighborhoods known as Seattle's Chinatown, Japantown, and Little Saigon, named for the concentration of businesses owned by people of Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese descent, respectively. The geographic area also once included Seattle's Manilatown. The name Chinatown-International District was established by City Ordinance 119297 in 1999 as a result of the three neighborhoods' work and consensus on the Seattle Chinatown International District Urban Village Strategic Plan submitted to the City Council in December 1998. Like many other areas of Seattle, the neighborhood is multiethnic, but the majority of its residents are of Chinese ethnicity. It is one of eight historic neighborhoods recognized by the City of Seattle. CID has a mix of residences and businesses and is a tourist attraction for its ethnic Asian businesses and landmarks. - source: Wikipedia

Monthly Parking Rates in International District (Seattle)

The monthly parking rates in Seattle range from $50 to $310. Compare best parking rates on our website and book parking at a price that works best for you.

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Address Intersection Price Type
914 East Terrace $125.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
828 Rainier Ave S $1,200.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
1311 12th Avenue South $210.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
1011 East Terrace St $200.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
1st Ave $216.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
303 10th Ave $225.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
400 S Jackson St 4th Ave S and S Jackson St. $250.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
Address: Translation missing: en.914 East Terrace
Price: $125.00
Type: Monthly Parking
Book Now
Address: Translation missing: en.828 Rainier Ave S
Price: $1,200.00
Type: Monthly Parking
Book Now
Address: Translation missing: en.1311 12th Avenue South
Price: $210.00
Type: Monthly Parking
Book Now
Address: Translation missing: en.1011 East Terrace St
Price: $200.00
Type: Monthly Parking
Book Now
Address: Translation missing: en.1st Ave
Price: $216.00
Type: Monthly Parking
Book Now
Address: Translation missing: en.303 10th Ave
Price: $225.00
Type: Monthly Parking
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Address: Translation missing: en.400 S Jackson St
Intersection: 4th Ave S and S Jackson St.
Price: $250.00
Type: Monthly Parking
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Information About Parking in Seattle

Parking in Seattle isn’t getting any easier as the city grows. The pressing need for street parking is balanced against business requirements, traffic flow and the desire to protect residential streets. So while there are plenty of free and paid street parking spots in Seattle, they can be hard to find and inconsistent in availability, with parking restrictions in force at certain times of day, certain days of the week, or along certain routes. The cost of parking in Seattle can also vary widely, from as little as $0.50 an hour to over $20 an hour.

International District Parking Statistics

  • Seattle has 1.6 million parking spots for its 725,000 residents, which equates to 5.2 spots per household.
  • Nearly a third of all these spots are in purpose-built garages, and another third are on-street parking.
  • However, Seattle drivers spend an average of 57 hours looking for parking every year - compared to a national average of 17 hours.
  • Seattle has a strict 72-hour rule, where parking on any street for longer than 3 days is prohibited.
  • Parking tickets range from $44 to $450.

International District Parking FAQs

There are multiple advantages to monthly parking. Saved time and frustration in searching for a spot, convenience, and cost-effectiveness are a few to name. Arranging a monthly spot also means you can prioritize the factors that most concern you, like security.

Booking a parking spot with WhereiPark is very simple. Take a look at our interactive map of the city, and search for available spaces either by area or address. You’ll see markers show up on the map, denoting available monthly spots, and you can view each listing in detail by clicking on it. Browse your options until you find one that suits your needs, then click on the booking link. You’ll need to log in (or create your account), making sure your vehicle details are correct. Then simply enter payment information, select a start date, and book! Once your booking is confirmed by the lot owner, you’ll receive full instructions on how to access the space.

There is free parking in Seattle. However the availability of free spots varies according to a few different factors. For example, all street parking is free on Sundays and holidays; it’s also free at night, typically between 8pm and 8am. Many residential streets have free parking throughout the work week, but finding an open space at any time in congested areas is usually difficult. Street parking is also free to disabled parking permit holders, unless otherwise specifically signed. And popular tourist spots, like Pike Place Market and Pioneer Square, offer a few hours of free parking on certain days.

Street parking is usually free between 6PM or 8PM to 8AM, however it may be tough to find a space in highly trafficked areas.