South Lake Union (sometimes SLU) is a neighborhood in Seattle, Washington, so named because it is at the south tip of Lake Union. The official boundaries of the City of Seattle Urban Center are Denny Way on the south, beyond which is Denny Triangle; Interstate 5 on the east, beyond which is Capitol Hill; Aurora Avenue N. (State Route 99) on the west, beyond which is Lower Queen Anne; and Galer Street, Lake Union, and E. Newton Place on the north, beyond which are Westlake and Eastlake., but like most Seattle neighborhoods, its precise boundaries are indeterminate. In particular Cornish College of the Arts and Vulcan Inc. properties such as 2200 and 2201 Westlake are officially in Denny Triangle for city planning and zoning purposes but often referred to as South Lake Union. The portion of South Lake Union east of Fairview Avenue N. is historically known as Cascade, Historic structures continue to stand in Cascade Neighborhood today. Its main thoroughfares are Valley and Mercer Streets (east- and westbound) and Dexter, 9th, Westlake, and Fairview Avenues N. and Eastlake Avenue E. (north- and southbound). The city is currently addressing transportation issues by changing Mercer Street into a two-way, six-lane, tree-lined boulevard. Valley Street will become a two-way, pedestrian friendly road. - source: Wikipedia

Spots near South Lake Union

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Spots near South Lake Union

Address Intersection Price Type
2030 8th Ave $350.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
820 Lenora St $325.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
2202 8th Ave $300.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
1800 Yale Ave $245.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
120 Westlake Ave N $300.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
285 8th Ave N $250.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
400 Boren Ave N $250.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
400 Boren Ave N $300.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
435 Dexter Ave N Dexter Ave N and Republican St. $250.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
1260 Republican Street Eastlake Ave E and Republican $247.73 Monthly Parking Book Now
535 Pontius Ave N Republican St and Pontius Ave N $247.73 Monthly Parking Book Now
523 Broadway Ave E $260.00 Monthly Parking Book Now
905 Dexter Ave North $250.00 Monthly Parking Book Now

Spots near South Lake Union

Intersection Address Price
2030 8th Ave $350.0
820 Lenora St $325.0
2202 8th Ave $300.0
1800 Yale Ave $245.0
120 Westlake Ave N $300.0
285 8th Ave N $250.0
400 Boren Ave N $250.0
400 Boren Ave N $300.0
Dexter Ave N and Republican St. 435 Dexter Ave N $250.0
Eastlake Ave E and Republican 1260 Republican Street $247.73
Republican St and Pontius Ave N 535 Pontius Ave N $247.73
523 Broadway Ave E $260.0
905 Dexter Ave North $250.0

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South Lake Union Parking FAQs

1. Is there free parking in Seattle?

There is free parking in Seattle. However the availability of free spots varies according to a few different factors. For example, all street parking is free on Sundays and holidays; it’s also free at night, typically between 8pm and 8am. Many residential streets have free parking throughout the work week, but finding an open space at any time in congested areas is usually difficult. Street parking is also free to disabled parking permit holders, unless otherwise specifically signed. And popular tourist spots, like Pike Place Market and Pioneer Square, offer a few hours of free parking on certain days.

2. How much is monthly parking in Seattle?

Monthly parking in Seattle can vary in cost, depending on the type of parking spot, its location and other factors. The price for monthly spots ranges from $50 to $430, so there is an affordable option for most people. The higher priced lots typically have more amenities, such as enhanced security, or are in prime locations.

3. What are the advantages of monthly parking?

There are many advantages to monthly parking. Predictability and reliability, affordability and cost-effectiveness, convenience, timeliness, and the ability to choose and prioritize the factors that matter most to you are advantages to monthly parking.