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Goose Hollow is a neighborhood in southwest Portland, Oregon, United States. It acquired its distinctive name through early residents' practice of letting their geese run free in Tanner Creek Gulch and near the wooded ravine in the Tualatin Mountains known as the Tanner Creek Canyon. Tanner Creek Gulch was a 20-block-long, 50-foot-deep (15 m) gulch (or hollow) that started around SW 17th and Jefferson and carried the waters of Tanner Creek into Couch Lake (now the site of Old Town/Chinatown and the Pearl District). Over a century ago, Tanner Creek was buried 50 feet (15 m) underground (where it still drains the West Hills), and the Tanner Creek Gulch was infilled. Thus, the only remaining part of the hollow is the ravine (Tanner Creek Canyon) carved out by Tanner Creek through which Highway 26 passes and which the Vista Bridge spans (also called the Vista Viaduct). The historically important Canyon Road connects to Jefferson Street underneath the Vista Bridge and was also called "The Great Plank Road." Canyon Road passed through Tanner Creek Canyon, which is how the road acquired its name. However, in the 1960s the section of Canyon Road that passes through the canyon was elevated (infilled with excavated dirt from Interstate 405's construction) and is now just a section of Highway 26. The Goose Hollow name had gone out of common usage for several decades until former mayor Bud Clark named his pub The Goose Hollow Inn in 1967 in an effort to "rekindle civic regard for the neighborhood." Clark, today, resides in the Goose Hollow neighborhood. Famous residents have included: Daniel H. Lownsdale, Charles Erskine Scott Wood, Congresswoman Nan Wood Honeyman, Erskine Wood, Dr. Marie Equi, John Reed, Abigail Scott Duniway, Julius Meier, Dr. Lendon Smith, Pietro Belluschi, Minor White, Milton Wilson, Chuck Palahniuk, Mayor Bud Clark, Ken Shores, George Johanson, and Jean Auel. - source: Wikipedia

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